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sorry it's been so long...

2017-06-14 13:12:27 by SydRic

I'm still around, and just so you know I've been sound building the last while for an upcoming album called "Hydrangerous - Despite The Danger" it's going to be alot of techno-y, synth-y and ambient-y type of tracks.  The album is nowhere near completion, as track writing hasn't even started yet.  I just wanted to let you all know that more tunes are in the works, since it's been like 3 months without an update from me... heheh sorry about that.

From me to you,

"Keep on, keeping on"

This is a great moment for me, where I finally have a finished album! The tracks have been remastered with all the new tricks and tools I've learned over the start and finish of doing this challenge.

I'd recommend that you guys check them out and follow my Soundcloud here;

I'm pretty excited about all this, and look forward to being able to spend more time improving my craft.

The last tune is in the works..

2017-03-28 17:07:41 by SydRic

I working hard on day 2 of my 12th track and am taking a small break to talk about it.

I'm having mixed emotions about it.

For one, I'm happy to be almost done as I will have time to pursue needed changes in my life that I have not been able to focus on.  And being able to completely relax between work and sleep.  Although, I'm sad that it's the last one, It feels like I'm saying goodbye in a way.  I'm not sure how long it will be before I can focus on writing music again.

So I'm making this last tune a song instead of a loop.  To mourn and celebrate what has been a joyful and frusterating time of learning with triumphs and failures these past 3 months.

Thank you all for the support by listening, giving feedback and rating and reviewing my tracks.  If it wasn't for this community, I would most likely never post my music here.

Alright then.  I'm going back to the grindstone to finish the piece.

Look forward to the weekend of either Friday or Saturday at 6-7 PST


Here I am on day 2 of this weeks tunes, and I'm finished recording, pretty happy with the mastering on the recordings already and almost done writing drums.

It much less time consuming to master the recordings now.  Reasons; I know what reverb I want, what eq frequencies work best/worst for my instruments and minimal work for quantizing them as I've been getting better at playing in time in less takes.

It's so nice to be almost finished for this week.  I may actually do things other than work and music, and that's pretty uncommon for these past 10 weeks of my challenge.

So look forward to Friday or Saturday around 6-7 pm PT for my new tune! :D

I've build the tune for this week using midi tracks and plugins only, I was trying to record but everything was feeling stale so I thought I would shake things up a bit.  Although this tune is not as different as 'Lost in the Stars' from a few weeks ago.

Found here ~> <~

Of course I might have felt like everything was stale, because I didn't want to spend the same amount of time on it.  Due wholly to the fact that I have some Zelda: Breathe of the Wild to play, which incendentally, has been taking up all my spare time.

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!  And look forward to the weekend where my tune will come out friday or saturday between 6p-7p PT !!


This weeks tune, I'm currently critically listening to, is likely some of my best solo writing and shows off what I'm capable of.  I just hope it's to your liking, which you have to wait until Friday or Saturday between 6p-7p PT to find out.

And listening back to last weeks tune, I thought I should follow the K.I.S.S(keep it simple stupid) method with the drums.  I got a little carried away with the kick for the last tune,

(shameless self promote here; )

and it was just excessive/random and at times was taking away from the song as a whole.  I will definitely be reworking those drums before album release.

Well I wasn't too sure that there would be a release the week... but!

2017-02-22 21:04:31 by SydRic

But yes!

Because of being busy this week, I wasn't planning on make a tune, but then I threw together a pretty excellent piece and recorded it all in 1 day....  Yes, 1 freakin' day and I've been making the drums and mastering today, which is pretty much done as well.

Hope your excited for the weekend, this one will most likely be a friday evening release as that will be the only day I can properly release it. :D

Hope you guys are having a great week so far.

I'm still taken aback about getting everything done in like 2 days.

This weeks loop is not going to be seamless as it has a beginning and end to it.  None the less, you will still be able to listen to it on repeat for as long as you want. :)

The tune is funky and features me playing slap bass that I've been working on for the last 5 days, to get it to sound just right.

This tune is definitely different.

2017-02-09 23:01:37 by SydRic

So, I've decided that even though this tune is a continuation of my weekly challenge, It won't be part of the planned album I've decided to compile with all of the previous loops and future loops of this series.

The reason it's so different is because of it's style, which is electronic - video game/chiptun-ish.

As always, I will be releasing it either tomorrow @ 6-7pm PT or Saturday @ 6-7pm PT

*edit* I just realized that I had reused a similar chord progression in the upcoming tune from the previous tune....  ugggh... I can't believe I did that without noticing up til now... oh well too late to change it.. :(

Some bad news... but not all bad

2017-02-07 14:48:31 by SydRic

Just to get straight to the point.

I pulled a muscle at work yesterday and it's left me pretty weak, I won't be able to play and record guitars this week for my Friday/Saturday loop.  So I've thought about it and came up with using my Midi keyboard and making a loop using VST's for this week.

With that said, I'll be starting it today, as yesterdays attempts at writing were quite fruitless.