This weeks loop is not going to be seamless as it has a beginning and end to it.  None the less, you will still be able to listen to it on repeat for as long as you want. :)

The tune is funky and features me playing slap bass that I've been working on for the last 5 days, to get it to sound just right.

This tune is definitely different.

2017-02-09 23:01:37 by SydRic

So, I've decided that even though this tune is a continuation of my weekly challenge, It won't be part of the planned album I've decided to compile with all of the previous loops and future loops of this series.

The reason it's so different is because of it's style, which is electronic - video game/chiptun-ish.

As always, I will be releasing it either tomorrow @ 6-7pm PT or Saturday @ 6-7pm PT

*edit* I just realized that I had reused a similar chord progression in the upcoming tune from the previous tune....  ugggh... I can't believe I did that without noticing up til now... oh well too late to change it.. :(

Some bad news... but not all bad

2017-02-07 14:48:31 by SydRic

Just to get straight to the point.

I pulled a muscle at work yesterday and it's left me pretty weak, I won't be able to play and record guitars this week for my Friday/Saturday loop.  So I've thought about it and came up with using my Midi keyboard and making a loop using VST's for this week.

With that said, I'll be starting it today, as yesterdays attempts at writing were quite fruitless.


I'm excited for the weekend!

2017-02-02 15:25:41 by SydRic

This weeks loop is gonna be SICK! I'm getting pumped to show it off, and I hope it gets received well!

I'm just in the midst of building the drums and mastering it, should be done in a timely fashion and may even be able to publish this tomorrow evening as long as I don't find any new problems. :P

Check in around 7-8pm PT tomorrow to listen to my submission!

Bye! going back to mastering.

Day 2 of writing Friday Loop #4

2017-01-31 14:56:11 by SydRic

Just thought I would be more consistent with some updates,

So... writing started off great and now it's hit a wall, which is to be expected with forcing my creativity and inspiration instead of waiting for it. But I will keep working away at it, and have something to post this Friday or Saturday, most likely saturday as I am quite busy this friday.

Moral of the story(lol)

If you really want to excel at your craft, you have to push past the hard times with your eyes set on the goal and never give up.

wow.... sorry guys, this is really corny.  Anyways, have a good week guys and look forward to the weekend. :D

Still going strong!

2017-01-27 03:43:51 by SydRic

My 3rd loop for my friday loops challeng is in the works, it's just been difficult to finish recording as there have been many changes and retakes involved.  Hopefully it will be available this Saturday around noon or 7pm ish PT.

Thanks for being apart of my newgrounds, even if we are only a few.

Have a good friday! and look forward to the weekend!